Composition hardboard

Hardboard made from waste wood chips, shavings, sawdust. In General, the mass adding various binding additives, rosin and paraffin wax to increase the moisture resistance, antiseptics and protects from the effects of fire antipireny. The composition can be impregnated pactola, while the strength of the material is increased by 20-30%.

The finished sheets of hardboard obtained by hot pressing. Then the front surface is varnished, painted and is coated decorative film or plastic. The back side also can be lined or left corrugated and rough for better adhesion when gluing. To imagine this material is easy — anyone who has paid attention to the back wall of the Cabinet or the bottom drawer, he knows what the hardboard.

The main difference from the MDF hardboard in the hardness structure. The term hardboard is more common, the technology of its production is fixed by GOST 4598-86. This concept includes any materials, including soft enough. Hardboard also referred to as thick sheets, one side of which is a decorative face.

Brand of hardboard

Hardboard is classified in the same way as fiberboard. Must contain the letter "T", it indicates the hardness of the material. "With" suggests that the face layer made of fine wood pulp. If front side is painted, the marking will indicate "P". Choosing the hardboard on the floor or in rooms with high humidity, you should pay attention to the material with the designation "B" - water resistant. If you want to coat the walls with hardboard, you can choose the "NT" that is semi-solid. Finally, to create partitions or furniture desired superhard material is "CT".

The dimensions of the hardboard

Often can be found following the size of a sheet of hardboard: 1,220 mm 2140х, 1700х2745 mm, 2750 х1220мм. In specialized stores you can find large leaves, up to 6 meters in length, more often chosen by those who want to lay hardboard on the floor as a substrate for the base coat. For those who are going to clad the walls, more suitable for panels of hardboard to the small width. Also of importance is the thickness of the sheet, from her in the first place depend on the physico-mechanical properties of the material.