Advice 1: How to decorate a bottle of champagne with chocolates

Champagne, decorated with candies and other decorative elements, is an excellent gift that can be presented as a Supplement to the main gift for any occasion. Decorate a bottle of champagne is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance.
How to decorate a bottle of champagne with chocolates

How to decorate champagne sweets for New year

You will need:

- tinsel two or three colors;

candy in bright wrappers;

- hot glue;

- double sided tape.

The first thing you need the whole bottle of champagne, except for the neck, glue colored tinsel. It is necessary to coat the whole bottle of glue and carefully wrap it all in a circle of tinsel on it. It is worth remembering that champagne looks more attractive in cases when bottom is darker tinsel, and on top lighter.

Next, around the perimeter of the bottle between the tinsel stick candy. To do this, cut double sided tape into small pieces (about an inch), then separate the protective film of the adhesive tape with one hand and stick these pieces to the bottle (this will take a little to lift the tinsel). The final stage was gluing the candy. For this it is necessary to separate the protective film from the other side of each segment of the tape and carefully stick them candy.

How to decorate champagne with chocolates for birthday

You will need:

- corrugated paper yellow;

- satin ribbon blue;

green packaging grid;

- cardboard;

four candies;



- threads;

- beads (preferably white).

First you need to glue a bottle of champagne blue satin ribbon. This requires the bottle itself to cover the adhesive and carefully spiral wrap it with a ribbon, leaving only the neck of the bottle.

Next, from wrapping green mesh cut out three rectangles with sides of six and ten centimeters. Roll them into triangles and glue to the center of the bottle, placing in a circle.

Corrugated paper cut eight petals-the-blanks oval shape with sides six by five centimeters. To pick up two petal, folded them together so that one petal is a little Peeps over the other, then stretch them in the middle and wrap the candy, trying to make it so that the flower looks like a Tulip. Fix "sepal" thread. Exactly the same images to do the other three tulips. Stick with glue the three flowers in the middle of the bottle on packaging of the net.

From cardboard cut a circle with a diameter of 10 inches, then in the middle, cut another circle, whose diameter is equal to the diameter of the neck of a champagne bottle. Coat the item with glue and wrap it in a spiral of blue satin ribbon, trying not to leave gaps.

A piece of foil 15 x 15 cm are first folded into a square, then make it a semicircle in the form of a cap (in the formation are the most a bottle of champagne or to take any subject rounded shape of suitable diameter). The resulting workpiece is pasted yellow corrugated paper, then combine this stock with the cardboard, forming a hat with a wide brim.

Glue one Tulip, made of corrugated paper and candy to the hat. Of beads to make beads. To put on a bottle of beads and made a hat.

Advice 2: How to decorate birthday

Day of birth, as they say, a celebration of childhood. Growing up, we, like little children, are still waiting for greetings, gifts and friendly smiles. Decorating the apartment of a birthday, you will add joy to holiday piggy Bank.
How to decorate birthday
You will need
  • balloons and strong light
  • - drawing paper, paint, markers, buttons
  • - candles and sparklers
  • - good mood
The best holiday decoration at all times be balloons. Who among us has not rejoiced in their amazing ability to fly up to the ceiling and loudly explode at the most inopportune moment. You can buy a pack of balloons in a special shop. Usually in one pack they sold 100-200 pieces. In this case, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort to inflate. The best option will be organized in connection to this hard lesson, others.
If possible, it is better to order the balloons inflated with helium in a specialized Agency. These balls will fly under the ceiling, in contrast to air-filled. You can link several pieces and distribute throughout the apartment. In the same Agency you will be offered the gift the figure of balloons: flowers, clowns, or perhaps a car. You can surprise the birthday boy with an unusual gift that will be remembered for years to come.
Now in stores sold all sorts of paper garlands and posters that you can hang around the house. But if you have the time and desire you can do quite well on their own. For this you will need drawing paper, markers or paint, scissors and other stationery. Prepare in advance a kind of newspaper, which will be decorated with photos of the honoree, birthday poems and signatures of friends. After a few years the newspaper will remind you of the cheerful holiday.
If space allows, you can decorate holiday candles, sparklers or a small homemade fireworks. In this case, be sure to follow the safety occurring. Always have a water or a rag. The same fireworks can be arranged in the yard. What a holiday without fireworks?
And the most important decoration of the festival will be sparkling happy eyes of the birthday boy, the warm smiles of friends and loved ones and good atmosphere. It's no wonder the day of birth only comes once a year. Give a loved one a piece of my childhood that day.

Advice 3: A hat for a bottle of champagne

Make a round hat for a bottle of champagne easier. It takes no more than an hour, and it turns out very nicely.
A hat for a bottle of champagne
You will need
  • cover from kinder surprise
  • - cardboard
  • - satin ribbon
  • - hot glue
  • - scissors
  • - a simple pencil
Draw on the cardboard a circle of that diameter, what will be the fields on your hat (the bigger the diameter, the larger the field the hats). Cut out it.
Then put on a mid-cut circle cover from kinder surprise and draw out it. Cut out the core of our circle, a little more circled in diameter.
Paste cover from kinder satin ribbon with the outer and inner sides so that there were no gaps.
Field for our hats need to glue satin ribbon 2.5 cm (if the tape is wider, it is not very convenient to wrapped).
When the lid and the fields are pasted, you can seal them together. To do this, we insert our own cover in the field and hold with hot glue in a circle to fix our product. Give the glue to dry as it should.
You can decorate a hat. To do this, do acute petal kanzashi ribbon 2.5 cm, different colors and wrenched the middle of the petal outward. Put on the hat of petals in any direction and in any order as You like, and fix them with glue.
This hat is very tight on the bottle of champagne. It can be easily removed to open the bottle, drink the entire contents and back to the hat. The bottle will remain the same beautiful and elegant.
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