You will need
  • Aluminum tube, synthetic fabric, skeleton birds, book about tasty and healthy food.
For starters think about your weight. Remember, the lighter you are, the more likely that you will rise to the glidere and take a pleasant flight. If you have cellulite and a beer belly, open the book about tasty and healthy food and grab yourself a low-calorie daily diet. Before the flight is to drop a few pounds.
Take the skeleton of a bird and look closely at her wings. Leonardo was making his drawings, studying the structure of a bird's wing. Carefully redraw the location of the bones, carefully watching their curves.
The great Leonardo was making his hang-glider out of materials available in that era – wood and woven canvas, which caused some difficulties. If not for that, the era of the conquest of the sky a man would have begun 500 years earlier. We will not repeat his mistakes and immediately going to use more lightweight materials. Take the aluminum tube, fabric and construct a miniature hang-glider, looking at your drawing. The role of avian seed will perform aluminium, instead of feathers will be the stretched canvas.
Now send your little glider flying! Look carefully at how it flies, if not collapses to the side. If you did everything right, and the glider flies beautifully and smoothly, you can begin to master.
Redraw your drawing by zooming in 10 times. And again hitch – aluminum tube-and bone tissue, due to which your glider will soar.
Left to choose your child's name, because as you glider will call, so it will fly. Godspeed and smooth sailing!