Before you buy a glider, go training flights on it. This can be done in the appropriate club or school on the unit owned by educational organizations. Independent acquisition of the necessary skills without knowledge and instructors can lead to disability or more dire consequences. This threatens any fall, even from a small height. Clubs and schools have experienced and competent instructors, and the rigid observance of safety can 100% guarantee the life and health of students.
In addition, with proper training, your skill level will grow quickly and will allow you to buy a more serious camera than the one on which they were trained. Your instructor, if you can establish a good relationship with him, will help to choose a good glider them commercially available.
After training you already define your tastes and preferences in outdoor sports and will know exactly what you need from the acquired unit. New glider in Russia, you can buy only on request or through the dealer of the Ukrainian company "Aeros". The range of imported models is much wider.
When purchasing a new glider avoid very old designs. Inspect the frame of the apparatus to detect corrosion. Please note: the aluminum elements of corrosion looks like white powder on the surface of the part. Often corrosion occurs on the internal surfaces of the tubes and under sleeves. Carefully inspect the ends of the sleeves and the area around the rivets – corrosion in these areas is unacceptable.
Don't buy a glider with dents and distortions of the frame. This is due to the extremely poor range on the market of spare parts for most machines. In other words, the replacement console will be easier to make a copy than to find the right part. But this is not the output – the production of new items is time-consuming and expensive process. For the same reason try to buy those hang gliders that are currently in production.
Pay attention to ropes and fenders. Even on almost new gliders are often found twisted wings, ropes and stretch marks. The unit with such defects leads to the rupture of twisted elements, so they must immediately be changed.
Inspect the skin of the glider. In the presence of and with the permission of the seller will push on the sail with a finger or eraser. If water impact pressure your fabric lends itself to or even pierced, then the material is damaged by UV light and unsafe for use. Material to create a new skin, or applying patches to get extremely difficult.
In conclusion, the choice be sure to test a glider in flight. This will make sure that the device has those features that you expect from it.