The average age for menopause is 45-50 years old. Estrogen level decreases, which is accompanied by a change in the hormonal balance. Fat beginning to be deposited on the male type. Rapidly increasing the volume of the stomach and upper torso. It is definitely not add a good mood, and the woman throws all forces on the fight against obesity. Gynecologists-endocrinologists all over the world declare, lose weight during menopause is much more difficult than in reproductive age. So you should take care to preserve harmony in advance.

Why during menopause weight skyrocketing

Before you start to lose weight, you should know exactly why weight during menopause increases. In addition to hormonal changes, women in menopause experiencing a number of unpleasant symptoms. First becomes unstable mood. Many women suffer from insomnia, depression. All this leads to the fact that a woman is closed, do not want to communicate, refuses to be active rest and spends more time on the couch, seizing in a bad mood high-calorie foods. After a few months, weight has increased rapidly. To speed up the metabolism by using physical activity.

But still much more often weight gain occurs without a good reason. The amount of food consumed remains the same, the calories without increased physical activity is the same as before. But in the abdominal area and shoulders appear body fat. What to do? The answer is one. You just need to review the diet and consider the employment by active kinds of sports. The fact that the metabolism in adulthood is slowed down, to disperse it is becoming increasingly difficult.

What products should drop at menopause

To lose weight at menopause are safe for health, if we abandon certain products. Should not eat:

  1. Fast food.
  2. Sausages.
  3. Smoked delicacies.
  4. White bread.
  5. Fatty meat.
  6. Fried, salty, oily, canned food.
  7. Muffin.
  8. Semi-finished products.
  9. Confectionery.
  10. Carbonated, alcoholic drinks, beer.

Some foods will help safe to lose weight during menopause

During menopause it is not recommended to follow a strict diet. But calories can be reduced by 30-40 percent without harming health. If the woman wishes for years to keep her figure slim, and weight stable, you should enrich the diet:

  • fresh vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • milk and dairy drinks;
  • natural juices;
  • nuts;
  • cereals;
  • white meat poultry;
  • fatty fish.

It's necessary to eat often, eating small portions of food. Six meals is ideal to maintain the harmony, good mood and well being. One or two times a week to do fasting days. During menopause the most useful products with a high content of calcium because bone density decreases and you may develop osteoporosis. But the amount of salt, sugar should be kept to a minimum.

What else will help to lose weight during menopause

Physical activity is beneficial at any age. During menopause do not need to engage in heavy sports. It is better to opt for fitness, aerobics, swimming, dancing. Classes should be fun and energize.

If all recommendations are respected, and to lose weight and failed, is to visit a doctor to get advice about the use of hormone replacement therapy. Pharmaceuticals that helps prolong youth, have a number of contraindications. So many women are shown phytotherapy. The systematic use of HRT or natural herbal remedies will allow you to stabilize the weight, will help to get rid of the main manifestations of menopause: hot flashes, excessive sweating, insomnia, unstable mood. But most importantly, properly selected contributes to the extension of youth activity and prevent the development of osteoporosis.