First, I would like to tell you about "Cool Transformation". It's not just a change of appearance, this photo collage, transfer into another era, dimension to the tale. I usually go on in "My World" in the "Games" section. Then it's simple: upload your photo 3*4, adjust the size using the arrows, choose a background, hair and clothes: womens, fantasy, retro.
You can also move the hair and clothing, holding down the mouse, change the size, hold the Shift key: up - enter — the object decreases, down increases. The outline of the clothing or hairstyles then is highlighted in green.
You can also make a Christmas card using the new "Background" or "Frame": go to menu "Correction-plug-ins-Framework/elements" and choose a frame "New Year".
We were pleasantly surprised that there are layers to position the elements of the frame, clothes, hairstyle. For example, new year frame with Santa Claus on reindeer needs to be behind the man. Click "Correction/Plugins-Layers/elements", select "Frame" and click the Down button.
Changing the hairstyle and makeup for — based on the hairstyle and makeup of celebrities. Go to the "Photos" choose the photo without the background (3*4). To change the appearance can be different through the selection of clothes, change of hairstyle.
Probably the best program for the selection of hairstyles and makeup - TAAZ at It is possible to drag the outline for the hair, due to which the hair adheres exactly to edit the contours of the eyes and lips, so the makeup looks natural.