You will need
  • - lengthening mascara;
  • - base under mascara;
  • - no mascara;
  • - brush-comb for eyelashes.
To make lashes look lush and long, you need to work hard, especially if your lashes are stubby and sparse.
So, the first thing you need to do is to apply to the eyelashes a mascara base and give it to dry completely. Of course, you can do without this technique, however, it was eventually eyelashes will look fuller.
The next step is applying lengthening mascara. The first coat of mascara should be applied to smooth movements of the cilia from the roots to the tips. As for the method of painting, it is not important, the main condition that needs to be dyed well, the brush. Remember, if you wish to have lashes looked neat, don't need to dial in the brush a lot of mascara.
After applying this layer, you need mascara let dry (but not dry completely).
Next you need to apply a second coat of mascara, but no. To put her needs in a special way: type in the brush a minimum amount, hold the brush to the middle of the length of the cilia and gently close the eyes. Repeat the procedure three to five times, then do the same with eyelashes on the other eye.
The last step is combing the eyelashes. Wait about 30 seconds after applying some mascara on the mascara, then gently comb lashes with a special brush, trying to remove the lumps (if any), and to separate the eyelashes. At this stage you need to give them a neat appearance.