Dyeing techniques there are several. Everyone has their own method, how to paint eye-lashes India ink. One quite a few times to wave your brush, others carefully apply the mascara from base to tips of lashes. All of these ways have a right to life, but there are a few specific recommendations, applying which, you can achieve the best result.

Whichever effect is not required (volume, length, curve), mascara should be chosen carefully. The main condition that must meet a good mascara is its safety. So before you buy this formidable weapon to restore beauty, you need to carefully read the composition. The less heavy compounds, the better. Extracts of herbs and vitamins have to be in the mascara.

Before painting you need to make sure that the eyelids and eyelashes are no traces of make-up and fatty film. You can treat these areas with a special lotion and gently wipe with a tissue, without stretching the skin.

How to paint eyelashes mascara? Some stylists suggest to slightly powder my eyelashes before painting. In such a recommendation makes perfect sense. It allows your mascara to stay longer on the lashes and does not crumble, it also eliminates the need to paint over the lashes in two layers.

First, you need to paint the lower lashes. The brush is thus held vertically. It is not necessary to apply mascara with a thick layer, it may add the vulgarity in the whole image. Quite a few times to hold the lashes, and they will become clear.

Then applied mascara to the upper lashes. This is done from the roots to the tips, so as not to stain the eyelid. Brush held horizontally. If paint gets on the skin, comfortable to use cotton swab or a disk to remove contamination. Eyelashes look prettier when resemble the shape of a fan. To achieve this, you should know how to dye eyelashes mascara: from the inner corner of the eye outwards. It should be remembered that the longest lashes are at the outer eyelid corner and the inner. With the help of eyeliner or a thin pencil sazininga you can draw few careful strokes from the outer corner of the eye up to the eyelid and lightly blend it out. This technique will allow you to visually lengthen eyelashes and make your eyes look more Flirty.

If you want to apply another coat of mascara, then this is a must do while first is not yet quite dry, otherwise the mascara will crumble, and the eyelashes will look ugly. After dyeing the eyelashes need to comb with the brush, they will become clearer and neater.

Night ink must get away, otherwise, once the night of the mucous membrane of the eyes, it can cause irritation. And the eyelash under the weight of the paint will gradually weaken and break. Therefore, it is important to implement all the useful advice of professionals.