Nootropics and psychostimulants

The term "nootropics" appeared in 1972, this word consists of two Greek "noos" - the mind and "tropos" - change. It turns out that nootropics are designed to change the human mind, with the help of biochemistry by influencing the Central nervous system.

By their predecessors in improving the functioning of the brain was a stimulant that much, but short-term affected person. They have increased endurance, stress resistance, caused General excitement, activity, and euphoria. If not severe side effects and addiction, stimulants won to humanity. But aftereffects in the form of severe depression and complete loss of strength so oppressed person that could bring to suicide.

Synthetic nootropics

After taking the nootropics negative effects, virtually no, they are not addictive. But instant action of psychostimulants they are not. To feel the result of taking nootropics, you need to take a course lasting 1-3 months.

Action of nootropic drugs due to the improvement and acceleration of metabolism in nerve cells, protecting neurons during lack of oxygen and toxic effects. Almost nootropics protect the brain from aging. Now produce many nootropic drugs, here are the most common ones:

"Piracetam" ("Nootropil") is the first of the nootropics. It is prescribed for disorders of attention and memory, nervous disorders, brain injury, alcoholism and diseases of the blood vessels. Can also be used alone (without exceeding the dose) for a better perception and assimilation of educational material. Rarely reported side effects: drowsiness or agitation, dizziness and nausea, and increasing sexual activity. Similar to "Piracetam" ("Nootropil") is "Phenotropil" ("Fenilpiratsetam").

"Azfen" ("Ceruti", "Meclofenoxate", "Centrophenoxine") contains providesto of acetylcholine - the transmitter of nerve excitation, an indispensable participant in the work of the national Assembly of the person. This series of neuroprotective drugs accelerates all the processes of excitation and inhibition, improves blood flow to the brain, has a stimulating effect. Also protects the brain from aging and together with "Piracetam is used for improving mental abilities. Noted side effects from the NS: anxiety, insomnia, increased appetite.

"Selegiline" ("Deprenyl", "yumeks") contains a substance selegiline, an overwhelming action of enzymes that inhibit phenylethylamine and dopamine. After 40 years, enzymes of the pleasure of a number of dopamine produced is much less than in youth. "Selegiline" is marketed as a nootropic for people of middle and elderly ages. It is used in the treatment of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Long-term drug improves memory, mood and overall health. "Selegiline," according to medical scientists, when taking 5 mg a day could increase the human lifespan by 15 years!