You will need
  • - chondroprotectors;
  • - preparations of 3-omega polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • - antihypertensives.
Take the treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease in the case if the addition of noise in the head you are concerned about neck pain, numbness in the fingers, dizziness and headaches. Take a group of drugs chondroprotectors (hondrolon, structum, etc.). Perform regular set of exercises designed specifically for patients with cervical osteochondrosis.
Look closely at yourself in the mirror. If you look older than your years, the facial skin in the eye area you have a small light yellow platform, and the iris of the eye surrounds the light grey thin arch, then take the treatment of atherosclerosis. Eliminate from the diet fatty foods, sweets, meats and spices. Replace them with fish and vegetables. Take drugs 3-omega polyunsaturated fatty acids "Aeroblock", "Vitrum cardio omega-3", etc.
Measure the blood pressure. If the noise in ears appears in the background of hypertension, use of antihypertensive drugs. To find out what medication will help to reduce the pressure in your case, consult your therapist.
Go Doppler (Doppler ultrasound) of vessels of head and neck. Perhaps the reason for the appearance of noise is the narrowing of arteries or arteriovenous shunts. If the findings are abnormal, refer them to a vascular surgeon.
Carefully clean the ears. Noise in the head may be due to accumulation of earwax, which swells during water treatment and puts pressure on the walls of the ear canal.
Read information about all the medications you take regularly. Some drugs have ototoxic effects, i.e. they are able to cause hearing loss by damaging the sensitive cells of the inner ear. During the treatment of them in the ears can be a whistling, clicking and other noises appearing even in silence. Refrain from taking these drugs and contact a doctor.
Go magnetic rezonansnoe imaging (MRI) of the brain and spine to exclude neoplasms. Often the noise in the head may be a manifestation of the tumor.