Treatment of the body finger massage

There are various ways of influence on the internal organs, taking into account the projection on the body. People's fingers are just the projections of its organs and systems. So you need to know s what fingers are responsible for a particular organ or system in the body. This will allow to affect their condition, doing massage of the fingers – thumb, index, middle, ring and little finger.

The fingers are connected with the organs of plexus blood vessels and nerves.

For the condition of the lungs and bronchi meets the thumb. For organ of the digestive system – the index. The work of the peripheral circulation controls the middle finger. Nameless is connected with the endocrine system. And, finally, the pinky is the nervous system and heart. Having knowledge in this area can positively influence the work of the organs, relieve pain, improve the condition of the body and even to clean it.

The easiest finger massage

Ordinary finger massage you can do at home that will relieve pain and fatigue, raise alertness and improve mood. Massage of the hand and fingers carried out in any free time, sitting, lying and even standing.

In the beginning you need to warm up the hands and only then start massage.

His fingers massaged each separately, starting at the top and ending at the base with all sides. The number of repetitions is at least three times. Held and massage the palm of your hand in all directions. You should note that when exposed to painful areas are massaged more carefully and long. In the end you need to make a rubbing.

After the massage is applied to hands cream or oil that will make the skin well-groomed and attractive. Ten minutes is the average time for a massage. In the afternoon you can spend up to 5 times. The greatest effect of the massage felt at the time of fatigue.

Which finger is responsible for which body

The thumb is responsible for lungs, liver, and bronchi, is for the respiratory system. So if you have a bad cough, you need to massage your thumb and carefully push on the edge of the hole at the base of the nail.

The index finger is a projection of the digestive system. Pressure at a point in the region of the nail to help relieve pain for toothache and mouth. For problems of medium and small intestines need to massage a point located on the middle finger.

On the middle finger located the reflex points that controls the entire circulatory system.

The fixed finger is nameless. It affects the nervous system. Massaging the finger, you can relieve stress, nervous breakdown.

Little pinky is associated with the heart and small intestine. Daily massage of the little finger get rid of heart problems and chronic constipation.

Finally, in the center of the palm is the point of massaging which you can reduce fatigue and normalize the heartbeat.