Cooking holiday meals is a real pleasure for this lady. So you can demonstrate your cooking skills and please their loved ones the most delicious and beautiful dishes.

Sausage meats on the holiday table – where from?

Adults and aged people who were born during the Soviet era, the question is: can the holiday table to do without the sausage, would say no. In the Soviet Union sausage slicing was the main snack dish. It talked about the viability of the family and good tone. Today without the sausage can do. It should be noted that in Soviet times sausages were of a higher quality, made from natural meat. Now to buy a really good sausage, whether it is smoked or boiled, should be given more money than a kilo of pork.

Whether sausage sliced on the modern holiday table?

As already noted, people of Mature age are automatically served on a festive table sausage-cheese cutting. It's certainly not bad, and certainly not be superfluous. But without this snack food is possible. Replace the sliced sausage can be:

- sliced ham, cheese, salmon, of fat;
- sliced fish of various kinds, decorated with lemon and herbs;
- vegetable cuts (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and so on);
- thread herring.

This possible cuts that could easily have replaced the sliced sausage, not the end.

You can do without the cuts in General, if a flight of fancy allows you to prepare original and tasty dishes such as salads, cold and hot snacks, sandwiches and canapés. If the holiday table will be full from the original delicacies and luxurious dishes, sausage meats will generally be unnecessary, unattractive look against the background.

Without the sausage can not do if there is no physical possibility or the time to cook many rich and delicious dishes. So cutting is the easiest way to visually increase the volume of prepared holiday meals.

If you used to think that sausage slicing is an essential snack that the Ura disagrees with vodka, it is time to change these views. It is best to replace this snack with something more natural, healthy. After all, it is now possible to prepare a festive table from the wide variety of products.