Liposuction allows you to achieve a flat stomach. With the help of liposuction plastic surgeons not only reduce the amount of adipose tissue, and simulate the stomach. Pre-plastic surgeon must examine the patient and determine the location of fat deposits and also skin condition, the doctor chooses the method of pumping oil. From this examination depends on the result of liposuction.
Then a plastic surgeon must inform the patient about all the complications and peculiarities of liposuction and also give some recommendations for preparing for surgery. For this purpose he may send a patient to a dietitian, who will advise a certain diet. The fact is that before the liposuction is undesirable to eat certain foods, beverages and medicines. This may affect the results of the operation. So as not to cause complications, the patient was sent to take some tests. The operation is not carried out during menstruation, and some skin diseases.
Liposuction of the abdomen is performed under General anesthesia, with the use of anesthesia. You should also inform the plastic surgeon. You can also choose local anesthesia. But if you are afraid of losing consciousness during surgery, here the best option would be the anesthesia.
During the surgery fat is necessary to apply a special drugs that liquefy it. During liposuction is a puncture in the navel area, below the breast or above the pubis. Later in the problem area you need to enter the cannula which is a hollow tube connected to the vacuum suction. Through them thus the fat is gradually removed from problem areas.
The result of the operation depends on many factors, including the number of pumped fat. If the removal is subject to a small amount of body fat, then the patient is discharged the day after surgery. Next, the surgeon must schedule a consultation for inspection and dressing. To the postoperative period went well, the patient is required during the month to wear special underwear.
After a few days the stitches will be removed. It is important to know that after liposuction from areas where the punctures were made can go to the specific liquid. Can also produce swelling and bruising. If you have any concerns for your own health, you can contact your doctor.