These drops are designed to improve visual acuity, they are able to prevent the decrease of vision. It also protects the eyes from the surge and negative impact of external stimuli, like radiation from appliances, and also helps prevent the development of pathogenic infections. Moreover, the "Reticulin" increases the ability of the eye to accommodate and reduce the negative impact of excessive physical strain on the eyes.
"Often Catachrom"
Eye drops are used for the prevention of such diseases as cataracts, and the weakening of its manifestations. The patented composition of this drug includes cytochrome C, adenosine and nicotinamide. Cytochrome C is a strong antioxidant, representing a preparation of iron. Adenosine is a substance that restores DNA and removing harmful substances from the tissues of the eye, improves the production of intraocular fluid and ensuring freedom of movement, it activates blood flow, reduce inflammatory processes in mucous membranes of the eyes and of the cornea. Nicotinamide in the eye tissues is converted to nicotinic acid, which contributes to normalization of blood vessels inside the eyes, improves the absorption of amino acids and facilitates detoxification of tissues. The use of the drug is able to suspend the process of development of various forms of cataract.
These drops are an innovative development of the company's partners. Apply if the deterioration to the end of the day, visual function, eye fatigue, feeling of dryness and "sand" in eyes, burning sensation and cramps, photophobia. It is a combination drug, it consists of vitamins and natural herbal extracts. Is considered to be high-quality means of having a moisturizing effect, applied for prevention to improve visual functions.
The main purpose of these drops is to protect the eyes from free radicals and harmful toxic substances accumulated over time in the body, leading eventually to age-related pathologies. The indications for their use is glaucoma, cataracts, retinopathy, macular degeneration and presbyopia.
"Sante 40"
A vitamin drops for eyes used to improve vision. They include vitamins E and B6, taurine and panthenol that stimulates the regeneration of skin and mucous membranes, normalizing cellular metabolism. Assist in case of fatigue and eye fatigue, relieve swelling, itching, redness, help to restore the sharpness in the eyes after prolonged usage. Contain a number of unique substances that help normalize eye pressure.