Window plastic: standard sizes and GOST

Dimensions of window frames and doorways were calculated based on indicators of GOST. So, for Windows with two doors is considered a standard size 1300х1400 mm, and with three – 2050х1400 mm. In some cases, the window with three doors can reach a height of 2070 mm – GOST admits this fact. In the regulations also takes into account the size of the roof Windows and balcony door. For Khrushchev window sizes according to the GOST will differ: for example, for Windows with a wide sill double window – 1450х1500 mm, and tricuspid – 2040х1500 mm; with a narrow sill - 1300х1350 2040х1350 mm and mm, respectively.

Why demand the "right" plastic Windows

The size of the Windows according to GOST are still popular, the reason is their price. Manufacturers through mass production of plastics Windows in standard sizes, significantly reduce the cost of the product itself, and this means that these Windows will be much cheaper. The price difference is so significant that it's much more profitable to fit the standard plastic window in a non-standard opening, than to buy a custom. This happens when install Windows in private homes, which are built without complying with GOST.

Which option to choose – standard or non-standard Windows

Dimensions of plastic Windows according to GOST have their advantages: for example, their proportions have been calculated as accurately as possible – they are time-tested a large number of users. However, the increase in Windows, which results in more ambient light, does not guarantee reliability. For example, the leaf area of over 1000 sq. mm may cause deformation of the glass due to excessive load, which greatly reduces the operating life of the window. But this applies to very large window sizes, in other cases, the owners of glass can start from their material possibilities. It is worth considering that the low cost of glass will not in any way affect their quality. Price of non-standard profiles increases due to the complication of the manufacturing process – it requires individual calculations, preparation of production and design. Indicators of thermal and sound insulation at the Windows with dimensions according to GOST are great, they maintain optimal microclimate in the room and will not allow to spoil its appearance.