Corporate outings — a great excuse for the team games and competitions. Such events allow colleagues to relax from routine work, to have fun and build each other friendships.

Walking, jumping or running in flippers

For this exciting competition you will need fins. Better if their will be more than two sets to participate in the competition could have several teams. Contest rules: participants have to walk in the flippers from the start point to the finish line. The winner is the team that will finish faster, and its members during the movement never fell. The task can be complicated by the fact that participants are only allowed to jump and walk or run not.

The distance on three legs

For this competition, you need to make several long ropes or cords. The participants are divided into couples and stand by. In each pair the right leg of one participant is tied to the left leg by another player. And a couple with bound feet must quickly cover a certain distance. Win the fastest. And fans of challenges can make this contest even more fun, if disjointed feet wearing flippers.


This contest implies that participants have to look for something hidden in the woods. So the search was more fun to hide the "treasure" it's better to find it wasn't easy. And participants, it is desirable to make hints in the form of notes or characters. Tips can also be arrows from twigs and buds. And from the cones can be laid out letters or whole words. And as "treasure" can be used a case of champagne or a delicious cake in a beautiful box.

Can't hear anything

If the head company has an excellent sense of humour and has friendly relations with his subordinates, then this competition is to raise the mood of the entire team. For competition you will need a player and headphones.

The chief need to sit back and put on his headphones with loud music. Opposite the head is a slave and begins to ask him questions as follows: "will you give me tomorrow off?", "when I have more pay?", "why do you so often send me on business trips?", etc. the task of the chief to read lips and to respond to questions.

Then the players can switch roles. And the chief will ask questions of a subordinate, wearing headphones. Questions can be like: "why are you late for work?", "you want tomorrow to work overtime?", "maybe you should lower the salary?", etc.