Sex with a prostitute is a physiological process without attachment and even flirting. The man just pays for the services and satisfy their desires. If this happens with a married man, do not just divorce, you need to look at married life and start looking for problems within the Union.

Why did he change?

Men are different, someone can not live without women's attention, constantly meet new people, often has an affair. This behavior is too bright to not notice, and wife knows that the husband is living a double life. There is another type of men, it will not change without special needs. But if it happened, then you need to understand the reasons to look for a reason in the sexual life of the family.

Think, and is there enough intimacy in your family? How often a woman says that doesn't want sex, not configured or tired? If failures occur regularly, the man begins to feel dissatisfaction. First, he seeks to persuade his wife, but then gradually starts to pay attention to other women. And the prostitute in this case is a good option, as it does not betray the beloved lady, don't fall on the side, not start another family.

Boring in bed can push a man to experiment with another woman. If sex is always the same, if there is nothing interesting, and all actions have long been familiar, proximity ceases to bring joy. In this case, or to seek inspiration and to try something new, or can a man go on an adventure, and if the opportunity arises, he will not refuse.

If treason became known

Do not take hasty decisions, if she had known about her husband's infidelity. Of course, the first reaction may be rapid, but then should calm down and talk. It is important to do it without tears and recriminations, because you need to not just accuse him, and to hear his version of events. Ask what prompted him to commit adultery, why he did it. Find out how he sees the future, your life, is it worth trying to return and live as before?

If he's going to apologize, and forgive. But there is one important point, if you decide to go together further, this incident should be forgotten. Don't need at every opportunity to remind you that cheating was that he betrayed you. Do not induce guilt constantly, and look for ways not to create more reasons for side hikes. And don't forget to get tested for STDs, because the opportunity to get there.

If you decide to divorce, look at the statistics. After 10 years of marriage are changing more than 50% of men. And many of them do it not for money but with women who seem much more attractive wife. You will be able to find another partner, but you get to save your marriage without cheating? Better to learn how to maintain a harmonious sexual relations in this Union, to build a comfortable life together, not to break the marriage bond because of an error, which was created together.