Sometimes the appearance of many of the duplicates do not blame the user, and third-party programs installed on the computer. For example, some applications may install the same dll or ocx files in different folders. There are many programs in place to deal with this problem. Most applications of this kind work on the same principle. First, the user starts a scanning process, the program searches for files with the same names and the same size and offers to remove them.

Duplicate Finder

Despite the fact that the program Duplicate Finder has a very small size, it has good functionality. This application is able to compare the files bit by bit, that allows you to most accurately determine the duplicates. After completing the scanning process, the program offers to remove unnecessary copies, or move them to a separate folder.

For duplicate search Duplicate Finder can use the CRC32 algorithm. The app is capable to find files with zero size and supports working with removable drives (including USB devices).

The program has a built-in image viewer, where you can view the duplicate photos before they delete.

Duplicate Finder is a paid program. Its free version allows you to delete or move to a separate folder no more than 50 files, the size of each of which cannot exceed 2 megabytes. The license for the full version of Duplicate Finder is slightly more than 1500 rubles.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Unlike Duplicate Finder, the program Auslogics Duplicate File Finder - free. She is also able to find extra copies of music files, movies, images, etc. Search for duplicates, the program keeps comparing the MD5 hashes. The application interface is intuitive - after starting the program the user is prompted to select the type of files to scan (files, programs, photos, etc.), and after scanning it remains only to remove the unnecessary copies. The only disadvantage of the program is that she shows from time to time the hype.

CloneSpy and DupKiller

Of free programs that can find and delete duplicate files, the most popular are DupKiller and CloneSpy. They, like other apps of this kind, can compare files with each other by name, creation date or checksum. DupKiller uses to find duplicate special algorithms that greatly expedites the process of scanning.