What is different from cat's milk substitutes

For any baby the mother's milk is the most useful, and by and large, good substitutes do not exist. But in a situation when the cat can't feed the kitten, you need to make all human power to ensure their child received as high quality and similar in composition to mother's milk food.

The first milk that is formed at the cats ready to give birth, is colostrum. This substance is not just nutritious, it also supplies the baby with antibodies to dangerous viruses and immunity to disease. The first day after the birth of any child it is important that the baby receives colostrum, along with all its benefits.

If the cat is left to feed or sick after 1-2 days later, it will be easier to find a substitute, since the kitten managed to get from her the most valuable. First in the list of worthy candidates for the food of the baby are blends, then self-cooked recipe milk based on cow or goat.

Feed newborn kittens a simple milk from other animals, as the percentage of the components in its composition is very different with cats. The fat content in the milk cats are very high - about 11% in goat and cow - about 4%. The same goes for the numbers, and with protein, but the lactose in the cat product less than in cow's and goat's.

Than to replace the cat's milk and raise a healthy kitten

All necessary for the growth of the kitten of the substance is in the special substitutes that produce all well-known brands of food for animals (", Beaphar, Royal Canin and others). In these mixtures the ingredients are balanced as close as possible to the milk of the cat.

Dry mixture for a kitten to breed is also carefully and thoroughly, as a newborn baby. Follow the cooking instructions on the package and use to feed the kitten special accessories. If kids are not more than three, to buy a large container of mix makes no sense. During long-term storage in such products often infest insects and reproduce pathogenic bacteria.

Warning: do not attempt to feed the kitten from the syringe by removing the needle, it's dangerous! Baby may choke on or get sick with pneumonia, which develops with catastrophic speed if the lungs gets food. Please note that some sweep - substitutes for cat's milk, have included the bottle, three teats of different size and scoop.

If you don't have at the moment is possible to buy the mix, use 4 parts boiled and cooled cow's or goat's milk 1 part egg white and whisk thoroughly until smooth.