Bra: benefit or harm

The most heated debate is the need to wear women bra. He became so familiar piece of clothing that women don't break up with him almost 24 hours a day - some are not removed even at night.

Fans wearing the items of clothing give the following arguments in support of its position:

bra supports the breast and prevents it to SAG;
- during active movements (physical work, sports) swaying Breasts and "prevents";
- without this part of the wardrobe is not decent to appear in public;
too big Breasts are hard and uncomfortable to "wear" without support.

In fact, from all these arguments the only logical last. Indeed, if the woman is the happy owner of a bust that is larger than 4, walking without "top" gives her inconvenience. But even beauties with curvaceous no reason to constantly use this device.

The fact that the breast is supported by ligaments. Being in a natural state without external support, these ligaments constantly "working" and, therefore, better able to cope with its function. When wearing a bra they will atrophy, and the Breasts start to SAG faster. By the way, the sagging of Breasts is a natural process, and the wearing of the bodice does not affect him. In addition, being in the free state, swaying Breasts when the women's movement, which is also rather good than bad: it improves lymphatic flow.

If to speak about the rules of decency accepted in society, it is possible to find a way not to disturb them, and at the same time, leaving the chest free. So, to exit "in people" you can wear a vest or a well-tailored jacket. Yes, and the bra, worn for a short time, will not cause special harm, so that you can safely wear it for publication and in the workplace.

But to wear this "armor" in the morning and take off, only going to bed – is extremely harmful. Proven that wearing bras provokes the development of cancer of the breast. This comes from the fact that the elastic material of which usually made this part of the wardrobe, compresses the chest area and areas adjacent thereto. It violates the natural movement of blood and lymph in the area, which prevents the elimination of toxins.

In addition, it is proved that constant wearing of bra dramatically reduces production in the body women hormone melatonin. Its deficiency leads to disruption of sleep accelerates the aging process and increases the risk of cancer.

Thus, you should use every opportunity to do without this "risk factor" to wear a bra no more than 12 hours a day. If a woman still believes that her bust is in need of this kind of accessory, choose a more gentle alternative, for example, special tops, supportive but not constricting the chest.

Required panties

Well, if about the necessity of wearing a "top" and there are doubts about the bottom of the set of underwear, i.e. panties, it's nearly unanimous: you can't go without.

Indeed, the briefs allow you to stay top layer of clothes clean, preventing it from natural secretions of the body. It is believed that they also prevent contamination of the genital organs. Word from wearing this piece of clothing should be expected only use.

But this is not true. Wearing panties made from natural materials, not tightening the body, is absolutely secure. But some models still not worth it to wear for the day.

First and foremost, it concerns the so-called repair models, the compressive pelvis, violating the lymphatic system. This can lead to women pain in the lower abdomen, failure of the digestive system and other troubles. For men too tight underwear also unsafe: constant wearing can cause reproductive disorders. In addition, synthetic material, which is usually made shapewear, contribute to the development of fungal infection of the genitals. Not harmless and also model panties called g-strings: constantly acting on the delicate skin of the perineum, they cause abrasions, micro-cracks, which leads to fungal infections and cystitis in women.

Thus, the constant wearing underwear brings more harm than good. Waived in situations where this is possible allow you to be healthier and to feel more comfortable.