The optimum temperature in the apartment

According to GOST 30494-96 that defines the parameters of the microclimate in residential and public buildings in the cold season the optimum values of air temperature in the kitchen and the bathroom are considered to be 19-21°C, in the bathroom and the bathroom 24-26°C in bedrooms and other living rooms designed for relaxation and educational classes - 20-22°C, in the lobby and the storage of 16-18°C. in areas with low temperatures reaching -31°C and below, provides heating of premises up to 21-23°C. the Permissible norms for a comfortable stay in living rooms are considered values in the range of 18-24°C, for kitchen, toilet and bathroom this indicator varies in the range equal to 18-26°C, pantry - 12-22°C. And in areas with low temperatures allowed heating of premises of up to 20-24°C.

In the warm season the optimum temperature for living rooms and Lounges is considered to be a range of values equal to 22-25°C, but also possible oscillations in the range of 20-28°C. At night the temperature difference can be up to 3 degrees.

The optimum temperature for a child's room is 23°C. it is Desirable at all times to maintain the air temperature at the same level with heating devices, so that during dressing and baby sleep, he didn't get too cold. It is recommended to maintain high humid air from humidifiers.

What if the apartment is too cold

The beginning of the heating season in apartment buildings occurs when the temperature of the outdoor air is below +8°C. the Utilities compare average daily temperature for five days. Apartments must be heated around the clock. The law allows for minor interruptions in heating for 24 hours, with simultaneous disconnection of heating may not exceed 16 hours if the air temperature in the dwellings is between 12 and 22 degrees.

If the apartment is too cold or hot, the tenants have the right to issue a written complaint and send it to the emergency dispatcher service. The document is assigned a registration number. Then utilities are required to inspect the premises and draw up an act on the basis of which a possible recalculation of utility bills. In identifying the technical supervisors of gross violations of municipal services are required to rectify the situation within 2-7 days, otherwise each apartment is checked for the recalculation of utility bills according to the square footage of apartments.