The phrase is the use of two or more words by using coordinating or subordinating relations. One of them is main, and the rest - dependent. From the main you can ask a question, answer to which will be dependent words.

The structure of different simple and complex phrases. Simple are phrases that consist of two words but if the phrase two or more words, it is complex. In simple phrases there is a strong bond of the main word with a dependent and complex because of several subordinating relations, the weaker it becomes. Academic grammar allows for simple phrases up to four words.

There are two types of phrase according to the degree of cohesion of the components. The free are those syntactic phrases that are easily divided into component parts, and syntactically non — free- form an irreducible unity. Usually, a syntactically non-free word combinations are in the proposal of a single member and is not to be used separately from each other: three stools, a lot of time.

The type of coordinating communication distinguish between complete and incomplete phrases. In full expressions of all grammatical categories are the same, but incomplete dependent words are like the forms of the main.

In addition, the phrase also differ in compatibility. They distinguish two types: free and not free. Proprietary, in turn, are also divided into proprietary idiomatic and syntactically.

Subordinating communication is the connection of unequal parts. She always closed, and the means of its expression are means of communication, forms of words, intonation and lexical means.

One of the types of subordinating connection is considered to be approval. In the phrase when negotiating all of the dependent word are in the same gender, number and case, as the key word. But negotiation can be partial, when the words match only the number and case: "our doctor."

The office also refers to subordinating relationships. Dependent words when management take the same form, which dictates the key word. Under strong management the key word determines the appearance of the necessary case forms, and while not the weak.

Another types of subordinating connection is considered a connection. The dependent word when it shows his dependence on the main word only the lexical value. Forms of inflected words it does not Express syntactic dependencies: to do quickly.