Creating envelope with your own hands, you account all your wishes. So that'll make not just a fancy accessory on one day, and it is a functional item that will serve you long enough.

The pattern for the envelope for newborns

Models of the envelopes for the baby there is a huge amount of solid and clasps, transforming into a blanket having a box-mattress for walks in the stroller or carry baby in the car. But it is quite difficult to choose the model, which would be convenient for you and your child. So many moms prefer to buy and sew the envelopes.

To begin to build a pattern. Patterns are drawn in accordance with those extra features that you want to have in your envelope. In order to insert a mattress for walks back in the envelope is a special pocket, which if necessary can this mattress insert.

If you make the envelope side zipper, it will be easy to transform in a blanket or a light blanket. By the way, this is a very useful feature, because the envelope you will use only a few months, and as the blanket it will last you long enough.

Find patterns in magazines for expectant mothers or the Internet. It is best to choose those to which is attached a rather detailed job description and photographs of the finished product.

The material for the envelope for newborns

The best material for the envelope is a natural fabric. Recently, mom thought that the best material for first the dress is satin. Really good quality satin does not cause allergies, it is beautiful and does not require special care. However, the satin is not too convenient, as it is quite slippery material.

Modern envelopes for infants produce increasingly thin fleece, calico, or flannel quality. Most importantly, the material did not cause the child's allergies were pleasant to the skin and easily erased.

When choosing the material you also need to consider the features of the pattern. Summer envelopes can be single layer, but for winter options is to be preferred to two-layer envelope, between layers of which is inserted a heater. And the fabric for the winter "costumes" you should choose more dense.

Decoration of the envelope for newborns

As decorations, you can use ribbons and lace, satin and nylon ribbon, embroidery or appliques. Most importantly, pick a material that will not fade, because the baby stuff will have to be washed particularly often.

To do embroidery on their own, without experience, is also possible. Stick to the place where you want to place the embroidery, the fabric and pattern. On the canvas is easier to embroider. After the work is finished, you should wash the product in warm water – it canvas quickly dissolve.