Agulov A. T. – academician and Professor, author of numerous methods of improvement, including that which is based on the treatment of various diseases soda. Such a system calls to use in the day from 5 to 40 g of soda, that is, to produce alkalinity. But this should be done only when the pH of the blood is not correct and is less than a pH of 7.25.

Normalization of acid-base balance

In order that the body worked without failures and pathologies of Okulov offers it normalize the acid-alkaline balance. For this it is necessary to take a daily glass of clean hot water with dissolved there 0,5 teaspoon of baking soda. Thus it is possible to neutralize the negative effects of acids and boost alkaline reserves of the body. As soon as the pH of the blood will return to normal and will vary in the range of 7.35–pH of 7.47, you can go to the traditional method of treatment of the disease.

Make a solution of soda is necessary for 20-30 minutes before meals 2-3 times a day. On a full stomach this therapy can have a powerful laxative effect. Maximum dose for ingestion at one time is half a teaspoon, but you can start treatment with 1/5 part. Soda on Okulovo can cure alcoholism, Smoking, poisoning, substance abuse, drug addiction, etc. to Persons suffering from diseases of the joints, caused by excessive deposition of salt will also help soda solution: it will have an impact on the dissolution of sediments and cleaning of fabrics.

There is a positive experience in the treatment of soda cancer, and it was found that in alkaline medium are killed a variety of parasites, so sodium bicarbonate is widely used to combat pinworms, Ascaris etc.

Soda for beauty

The method of healing by Okulovo adopted by many experts, and today sodium bicarbonate is widely used in the beauty industry. Soda is recognized as an effective way of struggle against excess weight. In particular, a hot bath with 500 g sea salt 300 g sodium bicarbonate and essential oils to relax, relieve fatigue, relieve stress, and most importantly, cleanse the lymphatic system and increase the speed of fat digestion.

Soda is a proven hair care products. Just one pinch of powder added to a portion of shampoo can relieve dandruff and to make hair more silky and shiny. Sodium bicarbonate is an "ambulance" for many people suffering from various diseases, it is best to consult a doctor.