The desire to please or a disease?

A simple desire to please can be very easy to distinguish from female exhibitionism. If in the first case the girl wears skimpy outfit "about", in the second she dresses, or rather undresses without any reason. She just likes to wear an overly short skirt, huge cleavage and transparent dress, "collecting" a collection of lustful male eyes. In this crucial quantity. The girl doesn't care who looks at her with lust: teen, old, migrant worker in a skullcap or a private teacher.

In most cases, women willingly showing their body, not looking for sexual partners. They are not in contact with the first comer" and often with disdain by the representatives of the stronger sex. It is this contempt, and the desire to feel their power over men cause women to public nudity.

Girls know that they're protected by the law, and therefore behave with impunity. From time to time until meet in a dark alley who is not very respectful to laws. It is curious that, having lived through rape, girls are not resting on our laurels and continue to wear revealing clothes.

Transparent clothes - a sign of loneliness

A few decades ago, women suffering from exhibitionism, perceived solely as an easily accessible person. Today the situation has changed: there are areas of activity in which girls can implement themselves, using their own inclination. They can work and earn good money in modeling or Stripping, for example. Modern society cultivates even female exhibitionism, preaching the cult of the beautiful body.

Oddly enough, but most girls prefer transparent lingerie and "invisible" clothes, alone. They easily find their partners for one night, but the family to build can not. And it is not only in the visible availability of the girl. The fact that such people suffer from deep complexes, are experiencing uncertainty, shyness. They are emotionally not balanced and not ready for a normal, lasting relationship.

To treat exhibitionism. In modern medicine there are methods to control human sexual behavior. Treatment reduces the intensity of sexual fantasies and sends them in a healthy direction. The main task of the psychologist is to force the girl to recognize the problem and to show her desire to get rid of overly demonstrative sexuality.