To have two mailboxes on the same computer, it is advisable to do it on different sites, for example, in Yandex and in In order to register and make a box on the first resource, go to the search engine Yandex and scroll to "Mail". It is located in the upper right corner. There is a field for authorization, but since the e-mail system, you already have one, you need to click on the "open box".
Now, before you open a window where you will see the fields used to enter your personal information. There you enter your name, come up with username and password, which will need to be duplicated up a security question for account recovery and enter the answer. In addition, you need to enter a phone number if you have it, and then confirm the registration by agreeing to the rules established by the administration of the website and filling in a window with symbols of confirming your registration and prove that you are not a robot.
After you create a mailbox on the Yandex website, you can register and To do this, open the search engine and in the top right corner click on the "Register" button. Now you will see a window with which you carry out the registration process and create a mailbox for this resource. In a special net fields, type your first name, last name, date of birth, city in which you live (optional), gender, create a login for your e-mail and password needed for authorization. In addition, you will need to enter in a separate column a cell phone number, or click "don't Have a cell phone", after that you will need to follow some simple instructions. To complete registration click the left button of the mouse on the button "Register".
If you want to use two mailboxes in one online resource, you can create them one at a time. With one computer you can produce a few registrations, not even having the other phone numbers. To both the box constantly functioned and did not require disabling, just install the computer two or three browser, ie, Opera, Google Chrome and Yandex. So you will be able all the time to track messages that come into both the box created on the same website.