Problems with memory can cause a lot of trouble. If you forgotten phone numbers, important dates, and the keys left at home — it's the little things, not off gas or iron, missed an important meeting and confused the departure time of the aircraft — already more significant problem. Improve memory with different drugs, some of them are considered a real panacea.


"Glycine" leader in popularity among the medicine to improve memory. This drug will not only help you memorize the necessary information, but also stimulates the brain, will allow to cope with the huge mental strain. It is recommended to receive for dealing with stress and apathy.

The components included in the composition of glycine, significantly improve functioning of brain cells, slow brain aging. This tool effectively reduces mental and emotional stress during periods of increased activity. By the way, cerebral disorders (due to stroke or traumatic brain injury) begin to occur much less frequently. For a noticeable effect these tablets are taken within one month three times a day.

"Bilobil" and "Bilobil Forte

"Bilobil" and "Bilobil Forte is prescribed for reduced concentration, a marked weakening of memory, decline of intellectual activity and insomnia. Both drugs have a significant impact on brain cells, the first improvement you'll notice after a month of admission. The course should not be less than 90 days, otherwise the whole effect of the pill goes "no". In contrast to the "Belabela", which should be taken three times a day, "Bilobil Forte drink only morning and evening.


In fact, nootropics is a whole group of drugs, but pharmacies can be found and a separate drug with the same name. These pills have an impact on the totality of the factors, which provoke the deterioration of memory. Thanks to the whole complex of vitamins, herbal extracts and amino acids, "Nootropic" has a positive effect on the entire body, and not to its individual parts. It helps to improve memory, focus, improves mood and regulates blood pressure, alleviates insomnia, relieves emotional stress and reduces aggression. In addition, the "Nootropic" helps oxygen to penetrate into brain cells, greatly stimulates mental activity.