What is gamma globulin

Gamma globulin is the representative of fraction of serum proteins immunoglobulins in the blood that contain antibodies. There are 3 main types of gamma globulins. On their surface there are various antiviral and antibacterial antibodies against polio viruses, measles, bruchkomitsky and pertussis agglutinins and antitoxins — diphtheria or staph. This is a prophylactic and therapeutic action of gamma globulin.

Cooked preparations of gamma-globulin from the donor or placental blood of healthy people. Product form - a 10% solution. As the solvent, use of 0.85% sodium chloride solution. Before use, the drug is tested for safety, sterility and apirogennost, which is a lack of ability to raise body temperature after injection.

Gamma globulin is an effective means of immunization, resulting in the creation of a temporary passive immunity against several infectious diseases.

The use of gamma-globulin

Gamma globulin is often used for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases in children. Prevention measles is a single injection of 3 ml of the drug in healthy children from 3 months. to 4 years, all patients and weak persons in contact with patients with measles. Formed passive immunity and lasts for months.

Prevention of pertussis and paracoccus lies in the introduction of gamma globulin healthy children who had contact with patients. For the treatment of diseases administered 3 ml of the drug three times every 2 days. Its use in catarrhal period reduces the frequency and severity of coughing.

Gamma globulin used for mass immunization and prophylaxis of some infections in children's collectives. So, at the outbreak of adenoviral infection in kindergarten children are vaccinated at the rate of 0.3 ml per 1 kg of body weight of the child. Such an event reduces the risk of infection in healthy children, and sick makes for a more mild course of the disease.

For the treatment and prevention of epidemic hepatitis or Botkin's disease all children from nursery to primary school age planning administered gamma globulin in a dose of 1 ml. It provides protection from hepatitis for six months. Use of gamma globulin for the treatment of severe forms of hepatitis, which contributes to the reduction of icteric period, restoration of liver function and reducing the likelihood of complications.

Gamma globulin has a stimulating effect and therefore its use is justified for the treatment of children with chronic inflammatory diseases along with antibiotics.