Different ways of tying a scarf

The peasant method of tying a headscarf involves the following steps: fold the scarf in half and place the long side along the forehead. The triangle should be in the back. The ends of the handkerchief under the hair pull and tie them. This method will allow you to hide your hair from the sun and look original. Handkerchief peasant before tying workers in the fields. And now it is a fashion accessory.

In order to tie a scarf the classic way, fold it into a triangle. The longest side of the scarf, put on the hair front. The back should remain a triangle. Then the ends of the shawl is brought under the chin crosswise. Take the ends behind your neck and tie. The rear triangle is also unable to capture. Tie the scarf in a classic way and put on sunglasses. Your image will be mysterious and business. If you have a very long oval face, you can emphasize it, tying the ends of the scarf in front.

If you have a cruise or vacation on the beach, bring a scarf to tie it pirated. Fold the scarf in a triangle. The longest side of the scarf, put on the hair. Get the ends back and tie a knot at the nape. The tips of the handkerchief unfold and lower down. The triangle should be under the strings. This method is often used by Hollywood stars and other celebrities. This method of tying a scarf goes well with large earrings and sunglasses.

If you tie a scarf piratical, but position the node side, you have a shawl in Gypsy style. The ends of the veil hide under a scarf or wrap them around the site. If you have a very smooth hair, a headscarf can constantly pull off the head. So secure it with Bobby pins.

From the handkerchief you can make an original dressing. Fold it diagonally a few times to make a rectangle. Wrap the scarf around your head and tie it under the hair. The tips of the lower back or tuck under the headband.

How to tie a turban, or a turban?

A scarf can be tied like a turban. This can be done in several ways.

Method 1: cover hair with a handkerchief, and the ends cross at the back. Then tie a knot on his forehead. From one end make a loop and slide it through the knot. The other end of the scarf insert in the loop. Firmly wrap the ends under the fabric on the right and left, so they were not visible.

Method 2: cover your hair with scarf so that the hanging ends are the same length. Cross the ends of the handkerchief first on the head, and then on his forehead. No knots do not need. Just tuck them to the right or left under the fabric.

Method 3: fold the handkerchief and place it the longest section in the front on the hair. Then back cleave the ends of the shawl with a pin. Now each end of the twist: you get two harness or roller. Wrap the head with these harnesses as far enough. Tuck the ends of the bundles under the fabric.

Turban is suitable for cool and windy weather, as the hair in this method of tying does not scatter in different directions. Due to the fact that the head is completely covered, the image turns out very stylish.