Little desire to become a supervisor, you need to meet the requirements of the person in a managerial position.

Three steps that should be overcome on the path to success

The first step in the difficult path to the top of a career is vysokoprofessional. As an employee of the organization and wanting to reach the heights in career, should be the best in the performance of their duties. The results should not be achieved through work colleagues.

The second phase, which will have to overcome, is the ability to work in a team. It is important to be able to be a part of something General, a circuit that generates business processes. Reaching the third level, you can assume that ready to become chief. The third level of personal growth involves the ability to work as Manager. It is not necessary to define a Manager as someone who is part of the office.

Actually, the Manager is a middle Manager who is subordinate to the employees of the Association. It's important to learn how to control the representatives of the lower levels, select personnel, train him, setting the correct targets for each employee and company as a whole. It is important to develop the management skills of what can be achieved, being on the post of head of the Department.

What qualities should be developed

In order to become a boss, you should be able to influence people. Usually, this innate sense. Some experts hold a different view, believing that this quality is equivalent to charisma and the ability to be different. In fact, you should create a myth, to which you believe yourself, then believe in it and all around.

The second important quality is confidence, which should not only have the initially, but to develop it, if such a personality is not enough. You should use the experience of professional athletes, which often employ psychologists to develop self-confidence.

Stress should be last but not least, as the boss is always responsible not only for his work but also for the efficiency of the whole Department or division. It is not always easy, as the pair careless employees are always there, they get paid for their work "zryaplatu and parallel to harm the company with their presence.