With the issue of the replacement passport you can contact the territorial FMS within one month after the onset of 45 years. The issue of the replacement passport may not be considered by the management staff before this age. It should be noted that the appeal to the Federal migration service on the expiry of one month from the date of execution of 45 years, entails the application of administrative penalties.
Turning to the FMS must provide a passport in your name, which after the age of forty-five years of age have lost their legal properties.
The Department of the Federal migration service you will be asked to fill out a sample application in the prescribed form. Your application will not take more than 5 minutes. For greater convenience it is possible to filling out the application at home. The application form (form 1-P) can be found through the search system "Consultant Plus". The document to be adopted even if it is not filled by hand, and machine printed text.
Another essential document - the receipt on state duty payment. To date, the size of the state fee is a fee in the amount of not less than 200 rubles. Lack of payment document would not constitute grounds or reason for refusal by employees of the Federal migration service to accept the application.
In addition to these documents, you must provide to the Department of the Federal migration service of photography in the amount of two pieces of size 35x45 mm Photos can be black and white or color. Prerequisite - compliance of the provided photos the age of the applicant.
If you want, you can make the appropriate section of the newly obtained passport information from children. To address this question it is necessary to additionally provide specialist FMS documents proving the legal relationship between the applicant and the children. This document is the testimony of Department the registry office of the birth of the child. If you changed the name and surname of parent and children do not match, you must also provide a certificate of divorce and, if available, a certificate of registration second or subsequent marriages.