What are the baby drops?

Nasal drops for children are the first tool used for colds. Drops can be classified into three main groups – pharmaceutical drops, folk remedies and combined (are made independently, but from the ingredients bought at the pharmacy).

In turn, pharmaceutical drops are divided into vasoconstrictor, antibacterial, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and immunomodulatory.

Pharmacy drops for children up to 2 years

In the initial stages of the disease, you should apply the drops with vasoconstrictor effect when there is a release of large amounts of mucus. These include "Nazivin", "ksimelin", "Sanorin and others. But these drops are quite a lot of contraindications. Therefore, for children under two years of age it is recommended to use these drops only in rare cases and with low concentration.

As for antibiotic drops with a high content of essential oils, they are generally contraindicated in children up to three years. The same applies to the drops with anti-allergic components. For example, "Allergodil" is assigned only to children under 4 years of age.

But rewetting drops, in contrast, is recommended for newborns because they do not contain any harmful substances. Which is their part sterile sea water has a soothing effect on the mucous membrane. The most popular drops from this category are "Akvamaris" and "saline".

Often for combating a cold in babies use complex drugs that generally increase the body's resistance to viral infections ("Derinat", "Grippferon"). Only it is necessary to pay attention to their concentration.

Drops popular recipes

Many parents try to use the drops prepared according to popular recipes for their children. By the way, we should not forget that babies can sometimes be a physiological congestion of the nose, which goes away and does not require additional treatment.

If you decided to use folk remedies for colds, you can make a solution of sea or table salt. For its preparation should be dissolve the small amount of salt in a glass of boiled water. Antimicrobial action will have drops made from the juice of garlic and onions. This tool can be used for children from years old. For maximum results it is recommended the onion and garlic juice diluted with plenty of warm water and add olive oil.

A great drops can be prepared from aloe juice, carrot juice, honey and blend of herbs. The vegetables are thoroughly crushed, drained and divorced with water. Then, the resulting solution will need to add honey.