Green snot is a sign to tell the man that the disease is far advanced. They may indicate the presence of pneumonia or bronchitis. Green discharge from the nose appear, when the body is infected with a virus and the immune system is actively fighting it.

Treatment of green mucus from a baby

Children often appear green snot. This phenomenon indicates the occurring of a bacterial infection. Green snot is often associated with bacteria, which are killed under the action of leukocytes and also gradually die. This phenomenon needs to be treated immediately, regardless of the causes. If the problem is run, the nozzle can develop into chronic sinusitis. Treatment should be under the care of a pediatrician, who must establish the cause of green mucus and prescribe drops or to prescribe a course of antibiotics.

Before turning to the doctor, you must clean child nasal passages, removing the remnants of mucus. For this you will need to make flushing the nasal cavity with saline. It can be prepared at home by yourself. To do this, stir in a liter of warm boiled water 10 grams of food or sea salt. It is necessary that the salt is fully dissolved. It is important to know that the solutions for washing were sold in the pharmacy. In addition, the child frequently withdraw into the fresh air, but the apartment should create a humid and cool environment. Treat the baby folk remedies should not be, because the consequences can be not very good.

Treatment of green snot in adults

Adults can also appear green snot. For their treatment using other methods. You can, for example, to breathe on the ferry, but this should be done very carefully, as there is a risk of burns of the respiratory tract. The most effective are inhalations with the use of chamomile, marjoram, eucalyptus. Inhalations should be a maximum of three times a day.

Also cure green snot will help salt solution. They should wash the nose, for these purposes, you can still use aloe Vera juice or onions. In addition, the person must take more fluid. A great solution is to drink lemon tea, blackcurrant or rose hips. Along with this doctors recommend soar feet and hands. If you fulfill all the above recommendations, it is possible to get rid of green mucus and raise your immunity.