Every cottager your site, someone big, someone small. But very much want to place all your landing even on a few acres. And lovers of villas and gardens are trying to grow under one roof, and cucumbers, and tomatoes. But in the end have nothing but wasted time and effort. As a result of this cultivation comes only disappointment. Why not grow one in the greenhouse the tomatoes and cucumbers? There are several reasons. For these cultures there are different rules of farming, and they have different growing conditions.

The conditions for growing tomatoes

For tomatoes needed more dry air with high ambient temperature. In addition, these vegetables are even easier to tolerate a little drought than waterlogging. These plants require regular airing of greenhouses, which contributes to pollination. At high humidity (over 70%) of the plants can catch fungal and bacterial diseases. And such a lot. A sick plant is not always possible to save. High humidity contributes to the abscission of flowers. Not occur in the normal pollination and fertilization that result in fruits not. Pollination does not occur due to the fact that wet pollen is not getting enough sleep on a flower male plants.

The conditions for growing cucumbers

Cucumbers, unlike tomatoes, like the more humid the air and the soil. For them in the greenhouse set almost 100% humidity. Under such conditions, these vegetables I feel great. If these plants do not have enough humidity, the leaves begin to wither and dry.Drafts cucumbers do not like, so they are contraindicated in airing. Drought these plants suffer badly. They have a small root system and from deeper layers of soil, they cannot produce their own moisture. Therefore, they receive only irrigation water.

If from time to time to give necessary for proper growth and development of the cucumbers, will suffer from it on tomatoes, as, for example, the high humidity they just simply killed. And if you provide those conditions that require tomatoes, ill have cucumbers. For example, if rapid change in temperature the plants are weakened and stunted. In order not to lose neither his time nor strength, it is better not to experiment with the joint planting of these two crops in the same greenhouse. Therefore, when farming, it is recommended to take them to a separate place on the site.