All items should be filled in strictly in Latin. Entering address information on Aliexpress begins with the column on the destination country. It's simple – the country you need to choose from the drop-down list. In the Russian version of the website the list of countries are not in alphabetical order, and even the attention will not help to find the Russian Federation. But the Russian Federation after some time you can find her and need to choose. In English all quite well - the Russian Federation.

The following item: "Street", or Street Address. Here you need to specify the street name and house number, housing and apartments. Very often buyers are worried regarding the designations of all these points, but in vain. Chinese sellers no matter how displayed, for example: kv. 100 flat or 100. If the country is selected correctly, then after receipt of the consignment on the territory of Russia any employee of mail will be able to guess what the kv. English symbols, unfortunately, not known to everyone, but if you write the apartment number after number, the logical connection the postman will see.

Then there is a column "City" or City. Filling in the delivery address on Aliexpress website, a city from the list cannot be selected, it should fit yourself with all the rules of transliteration. If there is any doubt of the correctness of written, should apply to any of the free services of transliteration, there are now many.

Next comes the complicated part, the State / Province / Country" (State/Province/County). Such intricate ciphers of the people of Russia are invited to indicate the subject of the Russian Federation (region, oblast, etc.) in which he resides. If you fill in the address on Aliexpress from your personal account, then this column will have to enter yourself. But if you add a new address immediately upon ordering goods, the region can choose from the drop-down window.

To fill out the ZIP / Postal or ZIP/Postal Code it is better to seek help on mail resources. If you specify the index of the post office corresponding to the place of residence, the parcel will come from there. If the index there will be discrepancies, anticipated product will dangle on sorting centers until you get to desired post office.

Filling other personal data

Contact person or Contact Name is almost the most important information, because even if the parcel got to the destination, without such data in hand will not give it. As practice shows, are the main transliteration very forgiving, but you need to write the surname, first name and patronymic.

In Phone, you can specify either stationary or mobile, with the code of the Russian Federation - 7. Fax is optional.