What dream diving? Esoteric dream book

Jumping into the water, according to the interpreters of the dream, indicate any doubt on the part of the dreamer: he cannot choose, he is at a crossroads. Before making any important decisions a dreamer need some times to think otherwise hurry up and mangled a lot of firewood.

Jump into the water from the tower speaks of the inability of the dreamer to correctly assess other people: poorly developed intuition does not allow him to objectively evaluate the character and actions of the individual. Jump into the water yourself – to successful endeavors.
If the jump is into water in a dream was realized with someone's feed, then in reality you should not rely on someone's opinion because there is a risk to be pushed around. To jump in the water and start to drown – for dubious achievements: it is not necessary to rejoice, because the whole truth will soon come out. By the way, after this dream should not undertake any risky transaction, they can end very badly, and even tragic.

Jumping in the dream in icy water is entirely dependent on its condition. If the water was crystal clear, coming awake a pleasant Outlook and good events. If the water is cloudy and dirty, should think about their behavior. Apparently, waking the dreamer mired in bad deeds, dirty deeds. The dream warns him that the day of reckoning is near, soon he will be punished. To jump into the sea – to plunge into the flow of new developments, new trends and achievements.

Jumping into the water. Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Evgeny Tsvetkov gives the interpretation of this dream only to young persons. He believes that young girls jump in the dream in the river water to new feelings and relationships. He says that one should not be afraid of new people, as the ideal in the face of someone of the opposite sex is very close.

Dream interpretation Longo: jump in the water

The white magician Yuri Longo discusses this dream in the following way. Jump into the pool from the tower indicates a serious change in the fate of the dreamer, which will have to happen soon. The dreamer will soon have to decide which life path he would go, because this will depend on his or her future.

Diving in the dream Freud

Sigmund Freud viewed the dream in a manner peculiar to himself: diving is a sexual act. To jump in the water, to feel the incredible desire to have children. The girls jump in the dream to some body of water – for pregnancy.