A list of things you need on a business trip, always depends on the specific circumstances. To provide and not to forget, pay fees, more time and attention. Take your time to collect all at once. Have a seat to rest, relax and not worry. Close your eyes and try to imagine every step of your future trip. After all, the more carefully you prepare, the more comfortable and more enjoyable will the trip.


Most necessary during a business trip is documents. The first thing to put in a folder or portfolio passport, power of attorney and traveling certificate. Don't forget stationery. Bring a Notepad and two pens.

Medical care

Just in case bring a small travel medical kit. In an unknown city, anything can happen. Put in it the minimum set of medicines based on their individual characteristics and the doctor's recommendations. On the road you may need a painkiller, e.g. aspirin, also bring bandages, Zelenka and activated carbon. In any case, take any fermenting remedy for stomach. Unusual food and excitement during the trip may cause pain and heaviness in the stomach.

Bring only the Essentials

Depending on the trip duration and time of year will depend on the number of items in the suitcase and clothing in particular. If you need to stay in a hotel for a week or more, take home wear, Bathrobe and Slippers. It is unlikely that you will be comfortable to sit all the time in a business suit.

In any journey money – is most important. In addition to cash, you may need a plastic card. In some cases, to pay her much easier. In addition, put in the bag, phone charger, laptop or tablet and camera.

You can still be useful:
• Mini iron. Not in all hotels the room has iron, so they often have to contact the front Desk or service personnel, but it is not always convenient, especially if you need to go somewhere early in the morning or late in the evening.
• Formal wear or cocktail dress.
• Hygiene products for women.
• Cosmetic bag. Do not take a lot of makeup, because it's a business trip. Take some basic care of skin and anything from cosmetics. You may need a tool for removing makeup, nail Polish, dry shampoo and hand cleaner. By all means take a little road formats, so your suitcase will be easier.
• A small Hairdryer. In hotels it is sometimes missing.
• Nail clippers and nail file.
• Easy foldable bag.
• Vitamin C and remedies against colds.
• The universal adapter.
• Battery for the laptop.