The scope of application of potassium nitrate

Fertilizer such as potassium nitrate, has a positive impact on soil with average and high levels of phosphorus. Usually potassium nitrate is used in spring, because at this time fertilizer is particularly effective.

If to fertilize plants and soil potassium nitrate in the autumn, then winter and autumn precipitation will wash the fertilizer contained in nitrate nitrogen in the lower soil layers. This can lead to two main unpleasant moment. First, the groundwater will be polluted. Secondly, the fertilizer is unavailable to plants.

Often potassium nitrate used for fertilizing crops, which have a negative impact chlorine potassium fertilizer. Experts recommend the use of potassium nitrate for foliar application and in fertigation system. Foliar feeding of winter wheat in earing also carried out using such fertilizers as potassium nitrate. Greenhouse plants fed with this solution: fifty grams of potassium nitrate to ten litres of water.

Properties of potassium nitrate

Potassium nitrate is one of the strongest oxidizing agents. It can react with reducing agents and flammable substances. The density of potassium nitrate is 2, 109 grams per cubic centimeter. The boiling point of potassium nitrate is 400 degrees Celsius, and a melting point of 334 degrees.

Potassium nitrate is a toxic substance. That is why in industrial premises is very important to follow the correct concentration of a substance in the air. If the person inhales a couple of nitrate, on the mucous membrane of the nose can develop swelling and ulcers. Prolonged contact of the human body and potassium nitrate may contribute to the appearance of thickenings on the skin of the palms and feet.

This dangerous chemical compound like potassium nitrate, because it can provoke spontaneous ignition of combustibles. In this regard, it is strictly forbidden to smoke or fire at less than fifty metres from the storage sites of potassium nitrate. Especially dangerous potassium nitrate produced at home. In the event of ignition of flammable materials due to potassium nitrate, the fire extinguish powder or chemical foam fire extinguishers, plenty of water, dry sand or asbestos cloth.

It is important to observe all safety measures and conditions of storage of such fertilizers as potassium nitrate. In any case, you cannot store potassium nitrate West with flammable substances or mineral acids.