Preparing for a beach holiday

Some people, for obtaining a beautiful tan enough to spend on the beach 2-3 days, others need several weeks. If your holiday does not allow to count on a long beach vacation, start preparing for it in advance.

Buy in a drugstore vitamins for the skin and start to take them. From being in the sun, the skin loses moisture, it accumulates free radicals that leads to aging and the appearance of new wrinkles. Vitamin complexes will help to minimize the damage caused by the sun.

Include in the diet of carrot juice, which contains large amounts of beta-carotene (provitamin A), which is required for the melanin – pigment of the tan. The best provitamin a is absorbed in the presence of fats – drink carrot juice with cream or a small amount of vegetable oil. In addition to carrots, beta-carotene apricots, peaches, melons, pumpkins, watermelons.

In the production of melanin is also of great importance is the amino acid tyrosine. It is contained in foods of animal origin: meat, fish, liver, as well as in avocados, beans, almonds.

Twice a week use a scrub for body and face. Because skin cells constantly die off, the tan can be uneven and unstable, and when using the scrub young skin becomes more beautiful and uniform shade. After the procedure, be sure to use moisturizing creams or lotions.

If possible, before release a few times, visit a Solarium. Start with short sessions – 1-2 minutes. Then on the beach in the first days you will be able to sunbathe a little longer.

How to tan in the sun

In the early days at the outdoor sun can be no more than 15-20 minutes. Then you can gradually increase to 1 hour. In the period from 11 to 16 hours, you can not sunbathe – at this time the sun is most active. Don't forget to use sunscreen. When selecting this tool, remember that the lighter the skin, the higher should be the protection factor.

To accelerate the production of melanin and darkening of the skin by using creams promoters of sunburn. These tools allow to reduce time of exposure to the sun, moisturize the skin and contribute to the rapid manifestation of a uniform Golden hue.

Faster tanning help and natural cosmetic oil. They nourish the skin, hydrate it, increase the production of melanin and protect the skin from premature aging. Some cosmetic suntan oil produced with sun filters – these funds are suitable for light skin. Oil without UV filters, you can only use the red.