Obtained the driver's license of the same category gives you the ability to control certain vehicles. So, driver's license category "b" are given the chance to drive cars, for legal motorcycle riding is required to get the "a" category.

Driving license category "A", "A1", "B", "B1"

Driving license category "A" provides the opportunity to ride two-wheeled vehicles, including trailer (with stroller). In addition, category "a" allows you to control four-wheeled vehicles, the total mass is not more than four hundred pounds. There is also a sub-category "A1", which provides the opportunity to ride a modern motorcycle with minor displacement (not more than 125 CC and a smart power not exceeding 11 kV).

License category "b" allow you to drive passenger cars and various minibuses and modern jeeps, weight not exceeding 3 500 kg, and the number of seats not exceeding 8, excluding the driver. Getting the right category, you can safely get behind the wheel of cars with a particular trailer, the severity of which is not more than 750 kg. in order to drive a car with an overall trailer is required to have a category "B1". Also the sub-category "B1" allows you to control a super new modern tricycles and quadricycles, but they should not be confused with ATVs.

Driving license category "D", "D1", "M", "Tb" and "Tm"

License category "D" are for controlling various buses in which more than eight seats. This category also allows you to operate any bus with a trailer, the severity of which is not more than 750 kg. To work with the most heavy trailers you must get right with the category of "DE". People who are engaged in the transportation of passengers on gazelles and minibuses, where the number of seats not less than 9 and not more than 16, must get the right subcategory "D1". This subcategory also includes management of small buses with a trailer, the weight of which does not exceed 750 kg. weight of the bus and the trailer, in turn, should not be more than 12 000 tonnes. If you have a driving license category "D" will be lawful control of the above buses (D1), if there is a category of "DE", it is possible to control buses with a trailer of category "D1E".

There is also the right category "M" which are necessary for the legitimate management and the mopeds light quadricycles. But drivers who have the right of any category, you can manage the funds without obtaining additional category "M".

Driver's license category "Tb" and "Tm" are necessary for work on the trolley buses and trams.