All of us want to sleep in the following cases. The first of them we can mention the drowsiness after a meal. The reason for this is that the blood after eating rushes to the intestines and stomach, and brain casts. Eventually brain cells start to work in full force, and people want to sleep.

Most often, such a desire appears in the cold season. In the winter the air is clear, there is much less oxygen than is needed for active life. In addition, in winter it consumes in eating less fruit and vegetables, often develops vitamin deficiency. A lack of oxygen and vitamins is often the cause of slow metabolism and General fatigue of the body.

The lack of oxygen may occur in heated spaces in winter, when hot radiators and heaters dry up the air and in the rain. The brain gets less energy and the human to sleep.

Often the reason for the constant desire to sleep becomes chronic sleep deprivation and disturbed sleep and rest. After 14-16 hours of wakefulness, the body automatically switches to sleeping state. Therefore, a person should have to sleep. To maintain health, improve health and reduce sleepiness, it is desirable to fall asleep and Wake up at the same set time. No need to sleep in the weekend for all the weekdays.

Thrust of sleep can be associated with taking any drugs (especially sedatives), the consumption of chemicals or preservatives, addictions (alcohol or Smoking) or the influence of household chemicals.

If sleepy state is not caused by any of the above reasons, it is recommended to seek the advice of a doctor. Perhaps it is due to hormonal imbalance in the body, low hemoglobin, stress or disorder of oxygen exchange.

Sometimes, hypersomnia is a symptom of asthenic depression, chronic liver disease, respiratory problems or heart failure.

Do not treat the constant craving for sleep is irresponsible. The body, therefore, indicates chronic fatigue. Follow the regime of sleep and rest, learn to relax, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Do not abuse alcohol, Smoking, taking drugs. Take organic food has no preservatives or chemicals.