Features & benefits

Generally gobies – fish is small and pretty skinny. So they are not very popular in fried, stewed or boiled. And in vain, because this fish contains nutrients and is pretty tasty product.

Bulls has in its chemical composition, vitamin e, sulfur, molybdenum, fluorine, chromium, zinc and Nickel. Especially fish rich in fluoride – an average bull contains 430 mg of substances, supportive strength of teeth and bones, which prevents the accumulation of harmful bacteria in the mouth. In addition, fluorine plays a critical role in the prevention of osteoporosis and has a positive effect on the formation and development of muscles, hair, skin and ligaments.

Most people prefer to use bulls in a dried form, however, this fish make excellent cutlets, tender and nutritious. However, recipes for tasty and nutritious dishes from bulls very much.

Fried bullheads

For this dish you will need:

- bulls – 1 kg;
- onion – 1 PC.;
- flour – 0,5 tbsp.;
- salt – to taste;
- ground black pepper – to taste;
- vegetable oil – for frying;
- Basil – to taste.

First, you need to carefully wash each fish, then clean, cut the fins and head, carefully gut it, using a sharp knife. Then again, fish should be washed under running water and dry.

In a large bowl, mix the flour, salt and pepper. In this mixture, roll steers, each fish was covered with an even layer of flour. Put bulls in the pan should be in a single layer on a preheated vegetable oil. Fish fry is especially good in a cast iron skillet.

When each fish is browned on all sides until Golden brown, should take a bow, cleaned from the husk, cut into thin half-rings and add to the fish. There to throw a few torn Basil leaves. All shake, cover and cook until the onion has softened.

Cutlets of calves

For preparation will need:

- bulls – 1 kg;
- onion – 1 PC.;
- chicken egg – 1 PC.;
- semolina – 1 tbsp;
- breadcrumbs – 1 tbsp;
- salt – to taste;
- ground black pepper – to taste;
- vegetable oil – for frying.

First, rinse the fish clean, do not forget to cut off the fins and head. Making a sharp knife an incision on the abdomen, gently the gut. Then rinse again with every fish and then Pat dry.

Bulls need to pass through a meat grinder three times using the grating with small holes. Then through a meat grinder also miss pre-cleaned from the husk onions.

In a large bowl, you should make the stuffing: chopped fish mixed with scrolled onion, add the semolina, a little bit of crackers (don't forget to leave for breading, to influence the egg and add a little salt and pepper. Carefully mix well and form small round patties. Every slice of beef need to roll in breadcrumbs before putting it in the pan with hot oil.

Meatballs will turn out even better if, in addition to put them 10 minutes in your favorite sauce, such as tomato or sour cream.