How to act antlers on the body

And ginseng and antler is a powerful adaptogens, substances that will mobilize protective forces of an organism to resist stress, pathogens, harmful effects of the polluted environment. And antlers has even an advantage over Panax ginseng: animal plant adaptogens are better, they are more effective, their range of influence wider.

Antlers don't affect individual organs or systems, and complex organism in General. Their action is compared to a rejuvenating effect. It is not an exaggeration. The concentration of bio-stimulating substances in the antlers so large that the metabolism gets great speed. A lot of new cells replace the old and defective, and gradually the organs and systems of the body are updated, in fact molodeya.

The healing properties of antlers

Although people are treated with long antlers, they studied science to the end. However, the conducted research is well established: the drugs are significantly improve overall body tone.

They eliminate various disorders of the nervous system. Has a beneficial effect on the heart, uluca work of the myocardium. Normalizes blood pressure in hypotension. Stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and the urinary system.

Accelerate the healing of inflamed and injured tissues. Stimulate the activity of the sexual sphere. Help easier to endure various disorders and complications caused by menopause.

Application in medicine

85% of patients with cardiovascular disease treated with preparations from velvet antlers decreased the frequency of cardiac pain, hypotensive pressure stabilized. And 96% of patients with varicose veins had significantly improved blood circulation.

These drugs provide good therapeutic effect for gastric ulcers. In 75% of patients they are scars, almost all of the ulcer disappears pain.

Clinical studies also found that the efficiency of application of preparations of antlers when osteoarthritis reaches 90%, hernia of the disk – 95%, water – 98%, and the volume of movements increased in all patients. The relief from pain and improvement in General condition is stably maintained for at least six months.

Effective treatment with such drugs chronic fatigue syndrome and panic attacks. To patients back of mind, sleep, positive mood, and improves their performance. After the second course of therapy therapeutic effect lasts for at least a year.

Doctors recommend the use of drugs of antlers when recovering after complicated surgeries, severe illness, especially when patients long confined to bed. They have significantly improved the composition of blood and its circulation, reduced sugar levels and "bad" cholesterol. Sores that occur after surgery, in 85% of cases heal completely.

The efficacy of these drugs proven in the treatment of prostatitis, urethritis, impotence. Maral antlers have long been known as a powerful aphrodisiac, allowing not to lose virility to a ripe old age. Particularly effective antler baths. Shown they and women with many gynecological problems.

Finally, the preparations of the antlers very effective in the treatment of skin diseases: eczema, various dermatitis, allergic atopic dermatitis, photodermatosis. They improve the quality of the skin, especially thin, porous, wrinkled, and not coincidentally part of expensive cosmetics.

Because drugs are a well-known "Pantocrine". In addition, antler extract is a lot of dietary supplements: "Pantohematogen", "Preprost", "Marana", "Novopan", "Hematulin", etc.

There are also contraindications: atherosclerosis, hypertension, nephritis, severe heart failure, cancer, and pregnancy and breastfeeding.