Removing the excitement that is inherent to every parent in the days of the child's illness, you should think about will not hurt if bathing a newborn or more Mature child in the period of the disease.

To redeem means to hurt...

When you bathe the baby, only the lower part of his body is constantly in the water. On top of you water baby, so the body then cools, then heats up again at the time of washing with water. A similar procedure for the baby with a high body temperature is not safe. In addition, after taking a shower, one, two, three seconds pass until wrapping it in a towel, these seconds can do too good a service is already sick child.

Some people believe that a sick child can be reduced in the bath to warm up the body. This view is erroneous, as in a hot room the baby can only become worse.

Swimming - the good

On the other hand, at high temperature increases perspiration, which out unwanted toxins. If the baby does not redeem all the harmful toxins will remain on the skin.
The consequence of this toxic "blankets" will be rash, which the parents begin to fight.

In contact hot high temperature of the child with water, his body somewhat cooled, the temperature slightly falls. However, you should pay special attention to the fact that there is a difference between the words "redeem," "to wipe" and "to wash". Taking a bath is a way to increase problems. But if you decide, for example, to wash a child in the shower, you will be able to alleviate the condition of the baby.

Special attention should be given to fever after receiving vaccinations. Pediatricians usually warn that the site of inoculation it is impossible to wet, so if the child was delivered to the graft, causing increased body temperature, baby can not. This rule has no exceptions.
It is necessary to remind anxious parents of a sick child, the fact that kids are easier for adults to tolerate increase in body temperature, but they, as well as adults, at this time you should avoid being on the drafts.

In the old days, after bathing the child was wrapped in a warm blanket. The same Council today give some doctors. They also suggest, conversely, do not wrap children with a slight increase in body temperature, and cover easy sheets.

Can you advise doctors, friends, and relatives, and all-knowing Internet, but the answer to the question – what is good and what is evil, can give only the mother, but her loving heart intuitively feels your baby and knows what to do to prevent harm and to help her beloved child.