Coffee with salt

There are moments when the human body needs any vitamins or nutrients. This is reflected in its taste preferences. There is a desire to eat something special, different from the usual daily food intake.

The addition of salt in coffee can be attributed to the body's need for it. Mainly the desire to drink this coffee occurs in the hottest period of the year. But people living in tropical countries, can do it all year round. However, there are people who add salt to coffee to enhance its flavor. And really, mixed with coffee, salt causes a chemical reaction in which the flavor of the drink becomes more intense.

Also, adding salt to coffee prevents early atherosclerosis and protects the teeth from decay. But to make this effect work, you must still add in a little Cup of sugar.

Remember that coffee can't drink on an empty stomach. Therefore, before using this aromatic drink, it is important to eat.

Making coffee with salt

For cooking savory coffee, you must grind coffee beans as fine as possible. This is done so that when cooking it formed foam.

Ground coffee quickly loses its flavor and aroma, if you will stand for a long time before cooking. Therefore, it is best to grind coffee yourself just before cooking. True lovers of coffee with salt and drink it from special cups of coffee in small SIPS, not pre-filtering.

Even the simplest coffee recipe salt will require a lot of effort. Preparing this coffee is as black in the Turk on slow fire. The only difference is only that in the initial stage of cooking, you should add a pinch of salt.

Coffee lovers of cognac can also try to prepare a drink with salt. Its preparation is no more difficult than usual. To make coffee with cognac and salt, you will need 6 teaspoons of coffee, a pinch of salt, 4 cups of boiling water and, of course, a glass of brandy. Coffee is prepared in the simplest way, according to the usual recipe. Salt and brandy are added to each Cup to taste.

Lovers of hot drinks can make coffee with salt in Turkish. The recipe is simple. You need to boiling water to fill and organic coffee and to wait while will begin to rise the foam. Then remove it from heat and add to the drink 0.25 tsp black pepper. Then again, bring coffee to a boil. How is the foam, put in drink butter and salt.