Numerology is flat: a brief interpretation of the numbers

The apartment is the main place of stay of man, his sacred space. Therefore, it is important to understand what energy is this space and how it is affected by numeric value. The number of your house it is better to calculate before moving. It is also important that the number matches your individual number plate. Then your house will always reign Supreme harmony. To calculate the number of the apartment very simple. Enough to add up all the numbers to obtain a single number. For example, apartment number 69 is: 6+9=15; 1+5=6. That is, the number of your apartment is 6.

The value of the apartment

If the number of your apartment unit, you just need to start your business. People living in the premises of the unit has excellent intuition. This figure helps his master to be more courageous and honest. Often the person feels in this apartment alone, because he sometimes has to solve problems independently. If you are addicted to something, building with the unit number you will not do.

Apartment number two is a place for two people. Deuce expresses harmony, peace and understanding. You will seek to understand all, not to make conflicts, to listen to the opinions of others. All energy is directed on development of intellectual and intuitive abilities. To create a strong family the two fit perfectly. In this apartment you cannot live alone, it may badly affect health.

Apartment number three, perhaps the most comfortable option for your stay. This is the place where you will be communicating a lot, broaden your life views and priorities. Three bears in her the importance of interoperability and understanding of people living in one apartment. A woman can feel more attractive to the male sex. Here will go any parties and celebrations. Sexual and spiritual energy – the basic qualities of the number three.

The number four gives stability and solidity in life. If man's nature is not confident and shy, he needs to move. Four requires order and organization, as well as save everything. The apartment with the number four it is better to live a group of people United by a common idea or dream. Sometimes you will feel tired, so learn to relax. House four is the house for workaholics.

The number five is the center of active people. Life under this sign is saturated with events, people, emotions. Five develops human ingenuity, the ability to quickly find the information they need, encourages communication. The constant movement of energy in different directions is typical for this number. In this apartment you will not be bored. The man who lives in the apartment under the sign of five, he has a special magnetism.

Six will be your centre of harmony and balance. Ideal for families with children. Accommodation in this apartment evokes a sense of duty to family, the desire to help other people. Under the sign of the six live active creative personality. Comfort and material prosperity are the main features of the number. However, it is possible the emergence of feelings of imbalance due to the fact that an excess of kindness and concern for others can disrupt the energy balance of the house.

If you bought an apartment with the number seven, can only rejoice. The number seven helps to rejuvenate, to relax, to have rest from problems and troubles. This place is suitable for people who prefer to stay alone and analyze life. Major tenants with the number seven is the philosophers, psychics, people of intellectual labor. On the other hand, the seven does not allow to achieve material wealth and success. Spirituality prevails in seven over the material.

Accommodation in apartment number eight will contribute to abundance in all areas of life. Eight helps to develop organizational skills, enhance well-being to gain acceptance in society. In this apartment there live people power, loving money and success. This apartment is not suitable for people who do not know how to allocate income. Only rigid self-discipline and control of their lives will contribute to a comfortable stay in the apartment with the number eight.

The number nine enhances your compassion and love of neighbor. In this apartment you will become more wise and insightful and learn how to understand other people perfectly. Nine favorable to the people, intuitive, dreamy natures, spiritually developed personalities. However, altruists in this apartment it is better not to live, as it is likely that you will immerse yourself in other people's problems.