Materials and tools for making bracelet snake

Looks very impressive snake, woven in the technique of bulk netting, and if you insert all the figures inside the wire, it can be twisted into a bracelet and lock solidly in the hand. For product development you will need:
- seed beads of two shades of green (light and dark) — 50 g;
- 9 beads red colors for the language;
- 2 black beads for snake eyes;
- thin beading wire;
- copper wire thickness of 1.5 mm;
- cutters.

Prepare a special beading wire, measure out a piece with a length of about 1.5 m and cut with wire cutters. For weaving the body of the snake pick up the beads at least two shades of green. This can be, for example, dark green and khaki.

The technology of weaving bracelet-snake

The technology of weaving bracelet-snake is not different from other products made in bulk technology. Beads should be strung on both ends of a wire, thereby obtaining 2 tiers. But there are small features in the manufacture of this product.

Weave bracelet, snake start with the tongue. Dial on the wire 3 beads red color, place them in the middle and pass one end through 2 beads. Tighten the wire as tightly as possible.

String 3 more beads red color and pull its end through 2 beads. Pull them to the previous item, then fold both ends of the wire together and type them 3 beads red. The result is a detail resembling a forked snake tongue.

After that go to the weaving head of a snake. On one end of the wire, type 3 bead dark green color, the second thread through all the beads and tighten the wire. Next string the same way 2 beads a lighter shade and thread them through the other end of the wire. Continue stitching backless snake beaded dark wash and abdomen — from beads light green color.

To get the shape of the head of the snake increase the number of beads in each tier by one. Thus in the 2nd row in the first tier will get 4 beads in dark green and 3 light, in the upper tier of the 3rd row will get 5 beads, and the bottom, respectively, - 4 pieces. In the 4th row of string on the wire beads 6 dark and 6 light green shades.

In the fifth row weave snake eyes from the beads of black color. To do this, take the beads is 1-2 mm larger in diameter than the beads. String onto the wire 1 green bead, then the black color bead, 3 green beads, 1 black and 1 green. The second end of the pull wire through the whole row and weave the lower tier consists of 7 beads light green hue. Through the whole series pull the second wire end. Continue stitching head, making obuvki one beads in each row in reverse order. In the end, the head of the snake needs to have an elongated, trapezoidal shape. In the last row of this part must remain for 6 beads.

Next, weave the body of a snake. Dial at the 6 beads in the upper and lower tiers in each next row without increases and noose. The body length of the snakes measure, applying the bracelet to the wrist.

Then start to make obuvki for the formation of the tail of a snake. Obuvki be done gradually, decrease the number of beads in tiers one in every fourth row. At the end of the weave insert inside of the bracelet thick copper wire, give it the desired shape. Make the fitting, cut off the excess beading wire and tuck her tail inside the product.