Before the domestic auto industry produce cars or converted already released by the state. Now, whether from the fact that the government has decided that the disabled have a lot of extra money from that doesn't have the production capacity, converting cars is mainly engaged in semi-legal office. The result can be unpredictable.For example, some of them secret from the office of technical inspection (but by agreement with the future owner) is installed on the machines that will drive disabled, the electronic control system, it is forbidden to use in Russia. Side not every employee of the service centre will notice that the machine is something different from the usual models, however, such a system often fails. Therefore, do not skimp on car certification and, ultimately, to risk the life of a person with disabilities.Buy and place manual control for spetsavto in our country can be turned to a number of sites representing products for almost any brand and model of machine (including for cars):, But, of course, if possible, it is better to go to Naberezhnye Chelny and Tolyatti, and to negotiate with representatives of "KAMAZ" or "VAZ" on the spot. To purchase vehicle for disabled person can and turning on the secondary Western market, if the future owner does not mind the fact that the cost of foreign cars will increase by about half after paying customs duty, transportation, delivery and clearance. This is enough to register at one of the popular Internet auctions (for example, and to submit an application or read existing proposals. If the secondary market is not the dream of a lifetime, and the need speciesare complete, you can send an order to a foreign manufacturer, the factories which will be able to fulfill it.