Currently, the number of dealers provides the specific services installation on passenger transport manual control, which duplicates and complements the left leg with one of the driver's hands. This manual control does not change the structure of the machine, but allows persons with disabilities to further use when driving hands at the impossibility of the management of the lower limbs.
Contact a certified company with the technical assignment for modification of the car. A few companies, with relevant documents, make the change the machine design in several ways: manual control car replaces the right, left or both legs as necessary. In addition, there may even forwarding some of them to all parts of the device and drawings for self-Assembly - supplied documents (license and certificate account) for the traffic police.
Take care of documentation. To avoid problems during the inspection of such vehicles, it is necessary to know the shop who did the rework of the design, had a certificate or license to produce changes (such certificates are issued the research centre of the Russian car industry - US or another firm to be certified to install manual control), the use of the devices used have been approved in the traffic police. Ask for copies of these documents, as well as the opinion of the company, made technical changes.
Give the traffic police a document on disability and a certificate from medical institution about the possibility to control the vehicle, the police will issue the required certificates in some cases – will amend the title of the car. After that, the drive a converted car would not conflict with existing legislation.