The most frequent causes of

If the circumstances were such that you had to skip a working day, notify the authorities in advance. Absence from work for a good cause, as a rule, quietly accepted by the employer. What reasons can be considered respectful?

First, if an employee suddenly became ill. However, the fact of the disease must be recorded in the personal medical card and provide a statement supporting the authorities in the aftermath. Medical certificates are convincing argument in favor of your absence from the workplace for a certain period of time.

Secondly, a valid reason can be considered as family circumstances. For example, if the employee's sick minor child. Required medical certificate will also have to provide the authorities. By the way, the abstract cause of "family reasons" is the most popular of all. With this formulation, as a rule, to specify family circumstances no one asks.

Thirdly, repair or emergency works carried out in the home of an employee, are also the basis for the absence. Naturally, this can be a valid reason in that case, if the emergency work involved the provision of access to the apartment maintenance staff. However, this does not apply to installation or production of repair by the employee.

Other options

If the person was absent from work due to participation in litigation as a plaintiff, this is also a valid reason. According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, challenges and appeals courts are obligatory for all without exception and subject to strict execution. Keep in mind, visiting other public authorities on their own initiative is not a valid reason for absence from the workplace.

If the employer has warned the employee that he must appear in the workplace at any given time, it also will not be considered a truancy. This applies to situations where the employee is not notified about the change in his workplace.

If you don't want to go to work, and valid reasons are not, you can just take a vacation at his own expense. Of course, to wage this will be reflected not in a good way, but it will not be a reason to come up with excuses and seek confirmation of them in the documentary.